Saturday, March 31, 2007

Medical Romance-What It's All About

So you've heard of medical romances, even heard that two are nominated for RWA's prestigous Rita award, but . . . what are they?
With the success of shows such as ER, House, Bones, CSI, and others, medical romances are taking off. But they've been around for about thirty years. So why haven't you heard of them? They are primarily distributed in the UK and not available in bookstores in North America. (This is a hint to start sending letters to Harlequin's offices to ask for NA distribution).
Medical romances rock! They take the best of romance and the best from medical shows and spin them together into the most awesome, emotion packed short fiction you've ever read.
For the curious, keep your eyes peeled for The Surgeon's Marriage Proposal, by yours truly, Molly Evans. This book is available as a hardback in May and then in paperback in July. I'm so fortunate that it's coming out in both formats.
For other medials available right now, check out and click on Harlequin scroll down to medicals and buy a few good reads.