Friday, April 13, 2007

My first contract--Getting It!

Today I had the best news from my editor at Mills & Boon. She's thrilled with my latest book and has made the offer to buy it. It will be titled: The Nurse's Little Miracle and will be out around March 2008. She's also offered me a two book contract, which is a first for me, too. That's such a thrill. My first contract!
So many things in life are little things. But it's important to celebrate the little things and the big things. Or maybe that was just an excuse to have my husband take me out to dinner to celebrate!
The biggest part that pleased me is that I feel as if I finally "got it." The writing part, the editing part, the revising part. All of it. Each part is important on its own, but all together to make the final package worth while, it what counts in the long run. Some of us take longer than others to get it and I sure took enough time, too. Ten years to be exact. Ten years to "get it!"
But it was worth it. Never ever quit. Because at the end you'll have, as my editor puts it: a cracker of a story! that the publisher will put their money up for.
Happy writing,
Molly Evans