Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Day Observations

I suppose I shouldn't have done this, but I did go to Walgreens pharmacy on Christmas Day!
I ran out of cough syrup and wanted to quit coughing for a few hours, so I made the trip, not far from my home, expecting to see just a few sick people trickling in and out.

But, to my surprise, it was a madhouse! There was hardly a parking place to be had, all three registers were going with long lines at each one. There were pages overhead for managers to assist with one thing or another, but they were also tied up helping customers.

What I expected to be a quick trip took way longer than anticipated and as a result of waiting in line, I purchased more crap that I didn't need out of sheer boredom.

Then, I saw it. (cue dramatic music)
There it was, sitting up high on a shelf in front of the windows. Sitting there companionably with his brothers in arms. Waiting. Just waiting. Staring at me.

No longer is one holiday over with before the promotion and propaganda is slid into place for the next one.

Is it no wonder we're sick of holiday promotion, no matter what holiday it is? I'd like to enjoy one before the next one is crammed down my throat, wouldn't you?

Unfortunately, I think I'm in the minority in this desire.

So instead of getting ready for the next holiday, which is New Year's Day, I'm trying to get through and over this one before the promotional advertising heads our way.
I'm not a stick in the mud, or a Grinch, or an Ebeneezer. I do like the holidays, but it seems that the buying has outpaced our enjoyment of family and friends and some down time that we desperately need these days.

I asked not to have presents this year, and last year, but I did receive a few tokens, which I appreciated and could use. For me, at this time in life, I'd rather have someone spend their time with me, or do something for, or with, me than have a present I don't really need or then feel obligated to reciprocate.

Anyway, that's my holiday observation.
Did you have any that you'd like to share?

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Good Girls vs Bad Girls

Just today I ran across an interesting blog post about good girls in writing versus bad girls. What do you think of this?

Thursday, October 01, 2015

Safe In The Surgeon's Arms. New Release Today!

Hi everyone,
I'm so excited to let you know that my new book is out today! This is a book that I wrote last year for NANO. If you don't know what that is, I'll explain. It's a group of people, world-wide, who try (and many succeed) to write a complete book of at least 50,000 words in one month.
Yes, you read that right: ONE month.
This book just gushed out of my brain and landed on the computer screen in a big mess, but after revising it several times, it was in condition that I could submit to my editor in London. She loved it and here it is, ready for you to read and hopefully love as well.
This book is set in Williamsburg, VA, a town I dearly love. If you've ever been around this town, the historic district or anywhere in Virginia, I think you'll like this book.
Give it a try.
If you've never read a medical romance, here's an opportunity to give it a try as well. The stories are set in and around the medical field, but vary in degree of how much medical details is in the books. The main story is one of love.

Drop a line and let me know how you like the book.
Molly Evans Romance AT G mail DOT com

This link will take you to
This link will take you to the Harlequin North America website
This link will take you to the UK Mills & Boon site

Sunday, July 12, 2015

New Release! Her Family For Keeps.

Hi everyone!
I'm super excited to report that my new book, Her Family For Keeps is out now. It's not distributed in North America, so you'll have to find it online.
Harlequin website in North America:

If none of those work for you, just Goggle it! This was a book that was difficult getting to my editor. It was nearly complete when my laptop and backup USB drives were stolen! (This was a harsh lesson in cloud backup) It was an awful experience and one that took a while to get through. None of my belongings were recovered from the burglary, and just the other day I discovered another item that was stolen. A small shop vac. Of all things. That was easily replaceable, but my grandmother's Italian cameo necklace from WWII was not.

In any case, this book was a complete rewrite, and I poured a lot of sweat, energy and curse words into it. It is set in my adoptive home state of New Mexico, which is called The Land Of Enchantment, and I can see why. After coming to NM to stay for only 2 months for a nursing assignment, I returned twice more, then stayed, and I've been here for seventeen years. When some people come to NM they stay forever.

Rebel Taylor, my heroine, comes to New Mexico in much the same way that I did, on a travel assignment and meets the hero of her dreams. She's introduced to the desert, green chile (that's how we spell it here), flying in a small airplane and to the support of people she never knew was possible.

I think you'll enjoy the journey that Rebel takes from being alone in the world, overcoming a deep grief and healing among people who truly care about her. We can all relate to some of that.

If you enjoy the book, please go to one (or all!) of the websites and put up a review for me. I don't get too many reviews and they all help, really.


Saturday, May 02, 2015

Her Family For Keeps

Looks like the cover art is done for my new book, coming out July 3, 2015.
How about that?

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Hi everyone,
it's been ages since I've sent out a blog, so I thought I'd catch you up on my upcoming releases. There will be two books out this year! The first one, Her Family For Keeps, will be out in July and the second, Safe In The Surgeon's Arms, will be out in October. When the cover art is available, I will let you know.
If you'd like to preorder from as an ebook here are the links:
Her Family For Keeps:
Safe In The Surgeon's Arms:

So after working hard to get these two books out it's back to brainstorming for the next book.
Both of these ideas came out of the blue and my brain seemed to already know the stories were inside of me, I just had to write them!

Check back soon for another update.

Saturday, April 04, 2009

Guilty Pleasures

come on over to the medical romancer writers' blog where I'll be blogging on Guilty Pleasures.
Hope to see you there on 4/5/09