Sunday, December 27, 2015

Christmas Day Observations

I suppose I shouldn't have done this, but I did go to Walgreens pharmacy on Christmas Day!
I ran out of cough syrup and wanted to quit coughing for a few hours, so I made the trip, not far from my home, expecting to see just a few sick people trickling in and out.

But, to my surprise, it was a madhouse! There was hardly a parking place to be had, all three registers were going with long lines at each one. There were pages overhead for managers to assist with one thing or another, but they were also tied up helping customers.

What I expected to be a quick trip took way longer than anticipated and as a result of waiting in line, I purchased more crap that I didn't need out of sheer boredom.

Then, I saw it. (cue dramatic music)
There it was, sitting up high on a shelf in front of the windows. Sitting there companionably with his brothers in arms. Waiting. Just waiting. Staring at me.

No longer is one holiday over with before the promotion and propaganda is slid into place for the next one.

Is it no wonder we're sick of holiday promotion, no matter what holiday it is? I'd like to enjoy one before the next one is crammed down my throat, wouldn't you?

Unfortunately, I think I'm in the minority in this desire.

So instead of getting ready for the next holiday, which is New Year's Day, I'm trying to get through and over this one before the promotional advertising heads our way.
I'm not a stick in the mud, or a Grinch, or an Ebeneezer. I do like the holidays, but it seems that the buying has outpaced our enjoyment of family and friends and some down time that we desperately need these days.

I asked not to have presents this year, and last year, but I did receive a few tokens, which I appreciated and could use. For me, at this time in life, I'd rather have someone spend their time with me, or do something for, or with, me than have a present I don't really need or then feel obligated to reciprocate.

Anyway, that's my holiday observation.
Did you have any that you'd like to share?


Angelina Barbin said...

Don't throw things at me but I really ignore all of the promotions. I watch Netflix and tape shows so I can forward through commercials. My observation today is that everyone on FB is whining about how tired they are because they over did preperations for Christmas. I guess I have never been a complainer so that is what is bugging me today. :)

Molly Evans said...

I won't throw things at you! You are probably smarter than the rest of us. I do record things so I can forward through the commercials, too. I hate commercials.
The only thing I really over did this year was making too many cookies! But they are so good.
Will take your advice for the next holiday to come around!

Angelina Barbin said...

I gave most of our cookies away to the neighbors. It is just too easy to reach for them when i am bored or writng. I like ot munch on something when I am writing.