Sunday, July 12, 2015

New Release! Her Family For Keeps.

Hi everyone!
I'm super excited to report that my new book, Her Family For Keeps is out now. It's not distributed in North America, so you'll have to find it online.
Harlequin website in North America:

If none of those work for you, just Goggle it! This was a book that was difficult getting to my editor. It was nearly complete when my laptop and backup USB drives were stolen! (This was a harsh lesson in cloud backup) It was an awful experience and one that took a while to get through. None of my belongings were recovered from the burglary, and just the other day I discovered another item that was stolen. A small shop vac. Of all things. That was easily replaceable, but my grandmother's Italian cameo necklace from WWII was not.

In any case, this book was a complete rewrite, and I poured a lot of sweat, energy and curse words into it. It is set in my adoptive home state of New Mexico, which is called The Land Of Enchantment, and I can see why. After coming to NM to stay for only 2 months for a nursing assignment, I returned twice more, then stayed, and I've been here for seventeen years. When some people come to NM they stay forever.

Rebel Taylor, my heroine, comes to New Mexico in much the same way that I did, on a travel assignment and meets the hero of her dreams. She's introduced to the desert, green chile (that's how we spell it here), flying in a small airplane and to the support of people she never knew was possible.

I think you'll enjoy the journey that Rebel takes from being alone in the world, overcoming a deep grief and healing among people who truly care about her. We can all relate to some of that.

If you enjoy the book, please go to one (or all!) of the websites and put up a review for me. I don't get too many reviews and they all help, really.


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